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Well, fellas, Wayne, (turkeybass1) and I are leaving for Bull Shoals on Wednesday. I think in the morning so that we can stop at Bass Pro Shops home store in Springfield Missouri Wednesday night and check it out.

We will be checking in at the cabins there on Thursday @ 2pm and relaxing and getting ready for the Ranger Boat Owners 1st annual outing which includes a day on the tournement lake with a bunch of Pro's.


We will be doing the dream thing Thursday, Friday and Saturday and checking out on Sunday and driving back here.

We will probably go back down there next year too. God willing and if the creek don't rise. So, wish us luck.

If anyone wants me to get anything for them while down there then you better get a hold of me B4 Tuesday night and come over here and give me the money. I will bet you what you want if I can. If not then you will get ALL your money back. I don't play games fellas. I will gladly pick you up something from there if you want. 614-937-6010

Catch you all later
:D :D
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