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Bull Shoals Arkanas Tournement

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by trucked, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Well, fellas, Wayne, (turkeybass1) and I are leaving for Bull Shoals on Wednesday. I think in the morning so that we can stop at Bass Pro Shops home store in Springfield Missouri Wednesday night and check it out.

    We will be checking in at the cabins there on Thursday @ 2pm and relaxing and getting ready for the Ranger Boat Owners 1st annual outing which includes a day on the tournement lake with a bunch of Pro's.

    We will be doing the dream thing Thursday, Friday and Saturday and checking out on Sunday and driving back here.

    We will probably go back down there next year too. God willing and if the creek don't rise. So, wish us luck.

    If anyone wants me to get anything for them while down there then you better get a hold of me B4 Tuesday night and come over here and give me the money. I will get you what you want if I can. If not then you will get ALL your money back. I don't play games fellas. I will gladly pick you up something from there if you want. 614-937-6010

    Catch you all later
  2. good luck. make us proud. Eye of the Tiger!

  3. bring back pam tillis
  4. Hey there fellas, Back from Flippin, Arkanas and the Ranger Boat Outing. If you want to see pictures then go to my website. I have posted some there. I will post more for your enjoyment. Wayne and I had dinner with Jimmy Houston, Dion Hibdon and Hank Parker on Friday evening. Sure was great. You know guys, I am 59 years old and have been fishing Salt and fresh water for 50 years. I learned a great deal in those 3 days that we were there. Had private flipping and pitching lessons with Jimmy and Davey Hite Friday after dinner. Met a bunch of pros and Wayne and I were invited up into the "Hospitality Meeting Room" at Ranger where only the pros go so they won't be bothered all the time by the public. We were treated like royalty because we got there on Thursday when there were no crowds. The event didn't start until Friday.
    We went on the tour of the whole plant. The Rangers really are built, "one at a time" as you will see by the pictures. If you have any questions please let me know, o.k.?
  5. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    How did ya do in the tourny. ? Glad to see that you had a good time down there and made it back in good shape . Ill see ya at Alum on Wed. and you guys can fill me in with the details . :)
  6. Check this out. We had tornados and rain all 3 days. No tournement. It was cancelled. But Wayne and I were treated like royalty. We were chumming around with the pros when they weren't speaking. It was awesome. We were invited to go with them man. I gave the web site address to a few of them and also gave it to Hank Parker and Jimmy Houston and Dave Fritts and Hites. Also gave it to Steve Penazz from the North American Fishing Club.

    Hope they check in here and say hi.

    Talk to you tomorrow man.
    G :D oing to bed.
  7. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Wow Steve...those pics are awesome. Glad you had a great time...I'm jealous!

    How about those team boats?!?!? SWEET paint jobs on those suckers.

    BTW, I did a double take on your pic in the members galleries, of the amphicar. I have an almost IDENTICAL pic I took of the SAME guy, at the SAME ramp @ Griggs 2 years ago. I happened to be there launching with my wife, when he was taking it out for the maiden voyage. Watching him drive that thing down the ramp was priceless.
  8. I'll tell ya man, it WAS really AWESOME. Shakedown said it for sure. We had a ball. I mean we were with all the FLW pro's that are on the tour and then some. My buddy went with me, (turkeybass) Wayne. I mean, what more can you really ask for than to be going to a shindig like that with one of your best friends? It was really something taking some pictures from that tower too. We were 600 ft up and could actually see 1 million acres in any direction. There were supposed to be 8000 people there, but then we had a tornado about 12 miles away, and then the cancellations started to come in and they ended up with about 4000 in the 3 days.

    Wayne and I got there on Thursday morning at 2am, checked in and then went over to Ranger at 9am. We took the tour of the plant at 11am and we were the only ones there except for the pros who were setting up their trucks and boats. We were treated like royalty. We were on a first name basis with the pros and the Ranger people after that. We ate lunch with them and could go anywhere we wanted to. None of the other "tourist Ranger Owners" could go anywhere except in the tent area for the shows. We were backstage with Jimmy Houston, Guido and Dion Hibdon, Davy Fritts, Davy Hites, and of course Mr. Forrest Wood the founder of Ranger Boats. He is the gentleman with the cowboy hat on in my pictures in case anyone didn't know.

    Hey Ray, are you catching any Saugeye up there consistently? I don't know where they are man but they aren't down here I know that. :D

    Don't forget to check my website for the pictures. ;)
  9. catking

    catking Banned

    Thanks for a great report trucked ;) To bad about the weather, but it sounds like you all made the best of it. CATKING :)