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Bukeye Running Back arrested on drug charges

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, May 19, 2005.

  1. For a guy who was supposed to clean up that program, Jim Tressel sure is having his share of problems.

  2. That is no lie...
    What is hap'ng to the Buckeyes is a direct reflection on his program but you just don't know what kind of person you are recruiting with all the smoke they blow up your A$$ about through the process... Almost all programs have their fair share of duds...
  3. I say this is a good chance for Gene Smith to set the tone on his watch. I say suspend the kid for a year. Set a precedence that will get the kid's attention. Putting them in "detention" doesn't seem to help.:rolleyes:
  4. You can't do that its only a misdemeanor and not a felony...
    The kid should get some kind of drug council/treatment at the least and be told his grades, attitude and overall personal perfoemance or then he is gone...
    The punishment needs to fit the crime...
  5. The punishment will fit the crime if they make the stance that a first misdemeanor drug offense is a year suspension. Second offense is removal from the program. Felony offense of any kind is also a removal from the program. I mean is that really asking too much? What kind of message are they sending to the kids if they basically tell them you can push your luck until you get caught and then you may have to clean it up a little.;)
  6. It seems that too many of these athletes view their eligibility as a right and it is not. It is a privilege. Privileges can be more easily revoked.
  7. WOW! A college kid smoking pot !?!?

    A year’s suspension for somking pot?

    What if he had been caught speeding? Should he get the same year suspension?

    I think that these CRIMES carry about the same punishment under the law…..
  8. Notice in my earlier post, I said a misdemeanor "drug" charge.;) I am sure the college kids smoking pot does not surpirse a lot of folks. But these are athletes who are supposed to be respecting their bodies. And they are supposed to be representatives of the OSU athletics. That is not the image that the university wants portrayed and rightfully so. If they want to smoke pot they can...just not if they want to play for the Buckeyes.;)
  9. Every student at every college is a representative of the school they attend, athletics or not...
    You are asking too much Brian...
  10. I wish I had Gene's job because heads would be rolling.:D

    I just think that the athletes who are being handed a free ride through college and in many cases a pass to the NFL, NBA, etc. should be held at a higher standard. Look at what the university invests in these kids. I know the athletes always come back with, "Look at what we are doing for the university by being here". But the truth of the matter is the kids need the college programs just as much if not more. It just breeds an attitude among the athletes that they are in control of the program and they really should not be. Perhaps my strong stance is a bit too far to the strict side but I feel that the university's stance in recent year's has been far far to the conservative side and protective of the kids.
  11. It also is the other way around...
    These Universities make millions off these kids and should very well cut them some slack and give them every chance to turn themselves around... The boosters would demand nothing less...
    If the kids can start makign a little scratch instead playing for free, in many cases their not getting a full ride, then cut them some slack and liek the real world maybe have a 3 strike your out policy... A year is still too much
  12. I would be willing to bet that these players that we keep hearing about are on full ride scholarships.;) As I said I recognize that the university benefits from the athletics. But the question is would they not still benefit from the athletics if they got tougher on these kids? I believe they most certainly would.

    When it comes to drugs I know I am not willing to be so lenient on my own kids that I would tell them up front that you get 3 strikes so try not to use them all up.:rolleyes: There has to be a consequence for their actions. And a little counseling but not taking anything away that is important to them does not seem to me like a consequence.
  13. They take away alot from these kids after they get busted...
    Many must stay on campus and report where they go when they leave and what time they will be back, become part of a group that in some form combats drug abuse, they must keep a certain grade level and much much more some even pretty darn inventive... They loose alot a freedoms they once had for whatever period of time is determined... You don't hear of many getting into trouble more then once because they get the boot when they don't get the message then end up at some div 2/3 school...
    My kids don't/won't any strikes either...
    Many who get busted are minorities, many more, why who knows but we can'y toss them away for a mistake that is not even concidered a major crime anymore unless yu are dealing...
    Drugs in any form are wrong... Take it from a kid who grew up late 60's early 70's
    Been there done that and I am very glad I was not given the boot after a 1st offense...
  14. These guys that get busted are just stupid. Why risk getting everything taken away by doing stupid things like drugs. I know myself I had a few scholarships to schools next year to play football but I hurt myself and had to have surgery. I ended up with 8 screws 2 plates and a bolt in my ankle. It sucks not being able to do something you love. i just don't see why that would take a chance at screwing that all up.
  15. Clyde,

    I can see where you are coming from but like I mentioned earlier, I did not recommend the boot after first offense. I recommended a year suspension. Yes a year is severe but it is not the boot.

    It is just getting very old reading every day of a new problem child or new scandal linked to OSU. I am really amazed that the university's reputation has held up as well as it has throughout the last few years.

    I can't help but think that John Cooper is sitting back somewhere chuckling to himself about the whole fiasco. Supposedly his exit was largely due to not being able to control his kids. Now when they have a coach who has a streak of winning overall and more importantly against the team up north then the root cause of the problem is not the head coach. Like an old timer great coach said one time, "Winning ain't everything. It's the only thing." ;)

    I am not implying that the onus is on Tressel on this. But I am saying that Cooper was not at fault in that respect any moreso than Tressel.
  16. I liked Cooper man...
    Trouble is every school has them... Somethings never change..

    big black jeep
    SORRY about your injury and I hope everything works out for you in the end
  17. Brian,
    I totally agree with you. IMHO, the ONLY way sports in general will be cleaned up is through stiffer consequences. There needs to be a message sent that certain behaviors will not be tolerated if you want to play. Catch a "non-athlete" doing some of the things athletes do & they'd be history. How many of us would keep our jobs if we were caught doing drugs? I know I'd be on the street. Sports ARE a privilege...I personally think that scholarship athletes should be paid a stipend, but I also believe their standard of conduct should be high. I used to tell my Dad that his punishments were unfair & he would say..."Yep! That way, you'll think twice about making that mistake again."
  18. Thanks Ohiotuber!!! I finally have someone that agrees with me. I may go brag to my wife.:D

    I am not really much in favor of the stipend concept. Not that I would be disappointed if they did it but I just don't think it will help in any of the situations that occur. Think about what is getting these kids in trouble. Drinking, drugs, bar fighting, etc. What do each of these activities require? Money. And if they are given more money it is not going to keep the kids from getting in trouble. The only place it benefits is by keeping the kids from being tempted into illegal money from boosters, etc. The problems with the law in my opinion would only get worse.
  19. fishits

    fishits Banned

    Key word here guys is "KIDS"
    Take a small step back and imagine if this were your kid then ask yourself again what they should receive for a first time offense
    These kids have no real world experience and many come from one parent homes which in our present time frame is becoming more prevalent in this society
    to say money is the root of all evil
    that is how you are putting it no two ways around that
    is nonsense
    also recommending a year suspension for something like that is also nonsense
    you are asking to take a kid and give him a year suspension
    which to a kid is forever
    for something you would only be slapped on the wrist for
    shame on anyone who thinks like that
    placing a kid who has only just started his life and away from home in most cases in a situation that you yourself would not be in
    tsk tsk
    higher standards for a kid just doesn't play out in this America we all our equal under the law and those standards should not change because of your standing in society