Building Your Own Fly Rod?

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    Does anyone have any experience in building their own flyrod? I would like to get an 8wt rod, but I thought it would be fun to build my own. What does it take to build one?
  2. It's great fun!! I just finished a 6'6" 2wt, and have built a 8' 4wt and a 9'6wt..all within the past two years.I'm going to start another 2wt after X-mas.. It's not as hard as you might think just takes patience, and of course all the materials. You can buy "kits" that have everything you would need to build one. I have never gone that route but it would make it easier for a first build...Catching a fish on a rod you built is a really great feeling and you can make a rod that you like..all blanks are different action wise though so it depends on what you are looking for.
    You can pm me if you have any questions and if I can't answer them I can direct you to a place that can.

  3. i have built a cabelas sli 9'6" 7wt. i bought the premium kit, saved myself 50% off 340 dollar original price. however, the critical part is to find the spine properly. there are bunches of tutorials online how-to, so it is not so scary. another thing i needed was the winding machine where you put the rod in and wind on the guides. well, i guess i was cheap and built it myself. while it is not necessary, makes life easier, especially when the rod is drying. once you put it into the winder, it can stay there spinning slowly till the epoxy on the windings is dry. oh, and try to keep the guides inline:) shoot me a pm if you need help
  4. Here is another good source:

    Their Tradition kits are hard to beat. If you have questions, give Ron the owner a call. He is a great guy to do busniess with. Tell him that Brad sent ya!
  5. Hook n Hackle is an excellent resource for building rods. I bought a couple of kits from them both small 3wt kits. Spoke to the owner he was very friendly, knowlegable and encourage you to sign up on the site to recieve emails. Ron sends out weekly emails with specials on kits and blanks. Also bought a beginner rod kit from Janns Netcraft in Toledo, spent $25 included thread, instructions, and finish.

    For your first rod start out with a kit that comes with thread, handle and guides.