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    Hi all, I am currently in the process of building a website for my business. I am using frontpage and it is working quite well but i am looking to get some mouse over effects for pictures. I am looking for when the mouse goes over the picture it zooms in on the pic so the customer can see more detail. Any clue. I have found some where you copy and paste but i can't seem to find what i need to replace in the code so it is for my picture.

    2nd: How do you go about adding a shopping cart to your website. I will be selling items so i want to have the option for paypal or anything else.

    3rd and final: How do you get you webpage listed on yahoo, google etc.

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    For your first question - I was about to send you code to my site as I use mouse overs for my menu. After looking at my code I thought there HAS to be a better example :D.

    Check this out -

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    seach on google-submit page to google-alink will come up-use that
    then u can do it on DMOZ
  4. Did you get your mouseover working?

    As far as shopping cart. If you are going to manage the site yourself then subscribing to service is much easier than you dealing with security issues and number of transactions.

    I develop .NET software and could help you out with code pieces if you need. Let me know