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    Anyone out there have any experience building a garage? Have you ever had one built by a reputable contractor in the Cleveland area. I live in Parma. I can't take my single car garage any more. There is no room to work on cars, plus I need space for whenever I get my boat.
  2. carter lumber has kits , also look in the paper called farm and dairy; lot of pole barn builders there.

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    Get an amish crew. They are by far cheaper and will probably build it in a day or two. The rate is affordable and most like any contractor do good work. PM me for any refrences if you would like!

  4. Build the largest possible garage even if you need to go through the varience process in your area, built a 24x 24 in 1991 and out grew it in about two years:(
  5. Looking back now I wish I used the room rafters, that way you have storage above. In fact I wish I made second floor so down the road I could rent out a room or have a great rec room for the kids. Monte433 hit it on the nose, mine is 28x32 and I'm out of room already.
    I built mine myself and went with 16 OC with the studs and rafters it only added about $150.00. I also have 3' overhangs on the drive side great when it raining.
    Good luck and think of it this way, spend an extra $1000.00 now and it will save you 3x that down the road.
    I built mine about 11 years ago and with cement, siding, insulated doors and openers for about $11000.00.
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    Well, I know my limits and how much time I had, so I hired a builder.
    Last fall, I put in a garage, buried all the electrical/phone,ect., added a carport, a new driveway (180ft) and
    a new roof!

    This fellow did some beautiful work! Amish workers too.

    Dennis @ Master Creations 216-475-6218 / 330-908-1783.



  7. Moondog,

    I have a good friend who is a contractor, top knotch work and HONEST, probably too Honest!

    Give him a call Rob 330-714-4868, tell him Jason from Florida told you to call.