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  1. Wondering if anybody attempted to build a boat? I seen a couple websites that a guy could buy plans. How did it turn out? Also was it worth all the time and work.
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    there are a lot of duckhunters that build specialty hunting boats from the sites you visited like it is realatively easy ,especially the stitch and glue method. a lot of them are using blue foam glued together and then carving out a hull. adding glass and cloth to making it sturdy. i have a styrofoam sailboat that i plan to cover with glass this is 11 ft long and 38 wide and weights onlt 40 lbs as is.

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  3. I built 2 stripper canoes---did one from a magazine plan and another from a book---they turned out great---i belonged to CABBS ---cleveland amatuer boat builders society---monthly meetings-- compare notes etc---check for a club in your area
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    Glued foam under glass is awesome. That is what I made my pods out of for the 10 footer.
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    WOW! How long will it take to put that baby together?
  6., they have boat plans and kits for boats 6ft to 70ft. Back in 1974 my father and us brothers built one, a 17 footer with a small cuddy, put a brand new 50 horse merc on her (motor brand new was $1500.00, how times have changed) boat ran great and never leaked. One mistake that we made was not buying the complete kit, dad ran all over hell trying to find some of the wood, (mahogany, teak and marine plywood.) Nice boat.
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    I bought a set of plans for the OB19 and never built the boat. I'd be willing to part with them for say.. half price.
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    Freyed;Used to have and sail a Sea Snark like the one in your photo.They are really Ruff on the back.Try sitting in that thing for a while before you glass it;)
    I sold the boat and 2 sails for 75 bucks.