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Bug Eyed Cranks from Owner

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by AKBassin, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Anyone have any experience with these Bug Eyed Crankbaits from Owner Hooks. model # - BB-48F. They look pretty cool. I had a gift certificate for Kames and picked one up in Shiner color. Thing runs $7.99, so if it wasnt for the gift certificate I doubt I would of got one.
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I have had great success with these small crankbaits. One of my "go-to" baits when the bite is tough. I like the shiner gold and the black color as well. Doesn't put up much resistence in the water when being retrieved, you can barely tell you have a bait on, but they catch fish. They are heavy and easy to cast on a baitcaster as well. I think you will be pleased with the purchase.

  3. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Good Buy. :)
    I've been using them for 3 years and they are awesome.
    Smallies just love 'em in the summer months.
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