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buffloe this am 8/9/07

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by sevenx, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Well I made the early trip to the river having in mind a day of smallie fishing. I had loaded and prepared for the hunt with my arsenal of smallie flies and 5wt. I work the end of a long run for a few minutes the decided to head up stream to the tail out of long pool to start in the riffle if falls into and begin the down stream approch rather up. As I approached the tailout what do I see, a large tail slicing the water as it wagged back and forth. It was almost as if it was waving to me. I stood like a statue and watch for anyother fish tailing and to my delight I see between twenty and fifty fish working in the tailout. It was hard to tell because the were actively feeding moving about. So here begins the dillema. My mind is set for smallies and my decision to fish for them is now in serious danger of becomeing but a faint memory from my somewhat sluggish morning. Forgot my coffee in my hurry to the water and was still dim at this point. Well as you may know I love to site fish to carp and the sheer numbers and tailing fish working just feet away pulled at me like a tow truck pulling up car onto the flat bed. I was hooked and began to plan my approach and fly choice. I move quietly into position to entice the closest fish. I made cast after cast, fly change after fly change but to know avail. I did manage a hit here and there from the small gar working but ofcouse no gar flies to latch into one of them. I began to ponder the situation. Activily feed fish yet not so much as sniff of my offering's. I began to rumage thru my box's not having a clue what I was looking for. And then I came accross a helgramite that I had tucked into the corner of a box full off hairy flies. I tied up and got back to work. After a few failed attemps at the closer fish I move on to a fish a few feet further out. By the way these fish were not spooky, another thing that was odd to me. After a few cast, a very light take and fish on. YES finally a good solid hook up. After a few short but blistering run he calmed down and settled into the heavy current trying to use this agaist my 4x tippet and pull himself free. For about 30 seconds he use this ploy and just as he had me convinced he was done he turned down stream and was off like a shot. I follow clumsily through the riffle in hot pursiute, he was running through water that could not cover his back and his body being visible reveled to me he was a buffalo sucker. Never disapointed by sight fishing and busting a bruiser I finally brought him to hand. He was a good size fish with an attitude but did smile for a couple of pics. He was realease back into the moving water only to jet right back upstream. Just after the release I see a guy pulling a yak to the rivers edge. I wave and continue back to my spot. The guy call's out to me and ask's if I am sevenx and introduces himself as crocodile from the forums. Ronnie reel nice to meet you and talk abit. I hope you had a great day. Left the water shortly after you headed down stream, I lost the helgramite to the toothy snout of gar and had to head to shop anyway......Sorry for long post just felt like typing today.

  2. Utard



    thanks for the TR. Almost felt like I was there. I'll bet the boy was fun on the 5wt. Nice pic!

  3. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Thanks again U, He was a bruiser. Really fun to sight fish these big tailers. They can be tough and that is what make's it so much fun. You should definately look for em next time your out and nothing else is on the move. They like the tail outs of long slow pools and will hold in the tops of the riffles as well behind rocks or other breaks in the current. Give it a shot, your 1st hook up and you will be glad you did, S
  4. Felt like I was there with you. Your a good story teller. Would love to tag along with you sometime to learn a little, but I understand if fishing is your solo time.