Bucyrus Resovoirs #1 and #2

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  1. Hello all

    I wanted to go camping this weekend but had an obligation on Friday so by Saturday the spots were hit or miss for the weekend so the girlfriend and I went to my Parents house and camped in Bucyrus we took my 16 foor canoe with us.

    On Sunday we hit Bucyrus Reservoir #2 (Pines) using and ultralight and 1/16 th and 1/32 ounce jig heads with rooster tails (any color yellow, pink,black,white,chartreuse) we got about 10 5"-6" crappie we got a little lazy later and started floating wax worms on the far end by past the dam when we found the catfish bite. Too bad all I had was the ultralight because I hooked into a big one but it ran under the canoe and snap, later I found my bober running around the same area so we paddled over to it and had a look and wow what a whopper I got a decent look at the cat it would have been the best of the day by far by when I grabbed the bober it just came off the line and away he went. For seven hours we got 15 crappie and about seven channel cats.

    Monday we hit Bucyrus Reservoir #1 (98) and found a better crappie bite with rooster tails, also hitting the white rooster tails where bass I landed a small 12 incher but we hooked a few more but lost them due to bad knots, 4 lb test and running under the canoe, really wanted to stay and go after the bass but we had to leave by 2 oclock so we only got a handful.