Bucyrus reservoirs questions

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  1. Hi all I was at reservoir number one last weekend and didnt do well at all.:S Was fishing for mainly crappie. I was wondering if anyone was doing any good on crappie at any of the bucyrus reservoirs. Also was thinking about hitting the number 4 res this weekend and was wondering if the crappie are hitting on that one. Not looking for real specific info just which res is best and maybe what the best bait would be to try.
    Thanks in advance
  2. fshnfreak

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    i used to fish riley for crappie and used to do really well on the bank with the fill pipe. nice ones too alot of 10-13 inchers. mainly used minnows under a bobber but sometimes i would use small twister tails and various jigs. sometimes the night bite is hot here too.

  3. thanks fshnfreak ill try there this weekend.