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Bucyrus Res

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by smitty9306, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hi I am new here was just wondering if anyone fishes bucyrus reservoirs. Ive been the last few weekends and have only located a few small crappie. We like to catfish and crappie fish. I don't have a boat at the moment so we are bank fishing. Any tips or locations on any of the reservoirs would be appreciated.
  2. bassmanmark

    bassmanmark Workin' is for Suckers

    Ok...standing at the boat ramp....the back right corner all the way at the other end is a fishing shelf. I have found most of my fish in that back corner just off the fishing shelf. Have never done real well with crappie and I don't fish for catfish but I have seen a lot of people fishing right there for cats. My .02

  3. Thank you for the info I haven't tried there yet will try this weekend again thank you.
  4. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    i used to live in bucyrus and i have fished all those reservoirs very hard. if ur targeting crappie in my opinion riley res is the best i have caught many a 11-13" crappie out of there and all over too not in anyone particular place. also riley has a good catfish population. actually i have had better luck with the cats out of riley during the day. and dont forget about the resident walleye population either. good luck with getting those guys to bite. the big res which is the one u have probably been fishing is really good for just about everything that swims lol. i miss fishing those reservoirs. but i live 30 miles away now and its just not so practical for me to tow my boat all the way there. my personal best saugeye came from the big res. 5lbs 10 oz it was a hog. as far as catfishin id use chicken livers and or shrimp when fishin any of the reservoirs. with the exception of the muddy old res on 98 i use cutbait there. lots of big cats in there i saw these guys jug fishin pull out a 19 lb channel cat one night. well i hope this helps u out some.... good luck
  5. If you want to get a few cats,fish the pipe sticking out of the bank at the south end of riley res. across the road from dettermans. they bite the best from 11 till 2, then late night. another good spot is around the backside by the pumphouse after dark. Make sure your legal, alot of deputies stop by that place !! Good Luck, Mike in Bucyrus:p
  6. What about bass in these resevoirs?
  7. Thanks for all the replys gives me a lot of places to try. I appreciate it.
  8. At Outhwaites, that's #4, fish the rocks at the NW corner towards the east. let your lure or bait almost down into the holes and there's some nice smallies to be caught. As far as the white bass, Seems they like the north end of the res. going from the boat launch towards the grain silo's at the north end. I used to live where the silo's are at the north end when they were building the res. They sunk some nice log piles at the north end ! Watch for the white bass to surface and cast anything into em and crank like the devil, they'll hit it. Best fishin to all, Mike:eek: