Bucyrus res?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. fishintechnician

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    does anyone know anything about this place? i had a guy tell me today they were catching good numbers of perch through the ice. any info before i make the drive this weekend would be appreciated veru much. thank you
  2. crappielooker

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    which one are you talking about?? If perch fishing, i assume you are talking about Riley res...
    good luck if u do go..

  3. I wish we had more places with perch around the Columbus area. Years ago the SouthEast Conservation club had perch stocked in it. My friend took me over there and we had a blast catching one after another. That was my only experience with perch, but I loved it!
  4. Perchy101

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    The name Perchy101 isn't by choice...

    I've been asking for years about good perch fishing in and around central ohio with no luck. Gotta go to Erie to get the suckers it seems.
  5. bopperattacker

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    best perching locally is in private stocked ponds. Last year i did catch two at griggs res.
  6. I got around 25 or more at Hoover, and about 15 at Alum last year. With biggest about eight inches. Alum i got them right off the beach area and Hoover I got them near twin bridges bounce'in minnies and small rapala's.
  7. fishintechnician

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    i'm not sure which one it is, the guy just told me that this was the second year that they allowed ice fishing there and that they had been doing pretty good on the perch
  8. sounds like it might be #4. the big upground res. it has alot of perch in it also.
  9. crittergitter

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    People have been ice fishing Riley resevoir for years. I don't know about the new resevoir. I thought it had more saugeye, crappie and bluegill than perch. Not real sure though as I havne't fish the new one. I have fished Riley. A few perch and small saugeye can be caught through the ice. Nothing big though.
  10. went to no.3 bucyrus, 5 1/2 hr. nothing
  11. fishintechnician

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    never made it out this past weekend hoping to get out this coming weekend now just to figure out where to go