bucky covington - ashland KY, Greenbo Lake State Resort Park, KY

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  1. Does anyone else like Bucky Covington? He sings that country song "a different world." Talks about when we were younger we didn't have bottled water we drank from a garden hose. Not everyone made the team and that was ok. Cars didn't have seat belts. etc.

    We got to see him in concert and I got a lot of pics and he signed my girl's posters that we made.

    We'll be going to ashland KY next month to see him. I think we will stay at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park, KY. Has anyone been there? Or can you reccommend a camp ground near Ashalnd?

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  2. He was at Jamboree in the Hills this year and was awesome. He played his own set and then Sawyer Brown came on after him and he came back out and sang "Some girls do" with them and it was great.


  3. saw him at country concert 2007 in fort loramie. very good
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    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

  5. bucky is going to be at eastwood lake this weekend to perform at the mountain days festival
  6. I know and I so wanted to go see him this week end but I am in charge of the family reunion and it's the same day. Had I known Bucky was touring I would have not double booked.

    He is such a stud! BTW this is connie of woodysoutdoors LOL. Woody is not a huge Bucky fan Like me. lol!