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Bucks running still

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by TheKing, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know how long the bucks will be running. They were moving good last weekend. How much longer?
  2. This morning on my way to my hunting spot I had a basket rack running right beside my van. I thought for sure he was going to be my new hood ornament. That was at 5:45am. Then this evening at 5pm I had a nice buck run out in front of me while picking up my kids........................Rich

  3. watched a big buck 160+class 10pt bedded with a hot doe this mornin could not hunt him since it was in the city limits !!!!!!!!!!watched him chase 2 other smaller bucks away (1 was 120+8pt)other was basket racked little guy!
    small wood lot with houses all around it// u now dogs car doors slam"in not 2 mention all the other peeps who could see this monster deer an not being able 2 pop a cap in his u know what :D
    set in my buddies house an watched the show 4 about 3hrs then went back an he was still there this afternoon standing o so proud in the chief of are local police's mom's back yrd lol lol not a hunting spot if u know what i mean
    were talking subdivision here no woods except this little over grown maybe
    3/4 acre max!!! empty lot right in the middle of all these house's !!!!!
    2day seen 9 bucks an i don't know how many does 2day driving 2 an from work!! wife seen 2bucks 1 was chasing a doe this afternoon threw the woods right behind r house :) say he was a lot bigger than the buck she got last season!
    so yes i would say it still going on here in jefferson co
  4. eagleclaw

    eagleclaw Banned

    sounds like that big ole buck made it's way down from MN
  5. You don't live near Wiley's and Mercer's farms do you? I saw a similar event a week ago near these farms.