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  1. I just found out that Coach Tressel decided to load up the team today for a road trip. Apparently 5 buses arrived in Gambier at Kenyon College this morning where they plan to hold their practice. I wish I didn't have to work because I would be heading over there to see what is going on. I am sure most here have never been to Kenyon College. It is only a Div 3 school but a couple of years ago they completed a state of the art athletic facility and recreation complex that would rival anything in the state, no matter what size. I believe they put something like 70-75 million bucks in to the project. The place is incredible.
  2. I had started to post this earlier but didn't want to post it until I confirmed the report that I heard. It turns out that it is true. There is a small reference to it on the Mount Vernon News site.

  3. They mentioned the relationship between Tressel and Kenyon swim coach Jim Steen. Coach Steen has built an incredible dynasty in the D-3 swimming. The have won something like 10 straight national titles. Tressel wanted to get Steen to address the team about his approach to his sport and what it takes to develop such excellence.
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    Then men's swim team at Kenyon has actually won 29 consecutive national titles. The women have won something like 26 in the last 28 years. The facility is awesome!

  5. I knew it was a lot of years straight but I didn't realize that it was that long!:eek:

    You are right about the facility. You almost have to see it to believe that it could be at such a small school.
  6. Here was another article that was in the Mount Vernon News site today about the visit. It provides a lot more info on the trip.

    Buckeyes make surprise visit