Bucks, Finally

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by DarbyMan, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Well it was nice to see the Bucks show up and play for a change. I think we finally saw the potential of the talent on the team. Big one coming up, PSU looks really, really good. Should be a dandy, under the lights!

    Anyone see Texas, whewwww! they're sharp.

    Also, Northwestern is looking tough, that could be a tight one if the Bucks don't bring the A game.

    Oh yeah, had to throw this in......Nice try Bengals, Steelers rule!:)
  2. They finally had to let us back into the top 10(I bet that hurt for them to do) now we need to show up against Penn State.

  3. Seems the pollsters had it right keeping them out of the top 10. Jimmy Sweater Vest needs to recapture his knack for winning big games. He's now 0 for his last 4. Hasn't looked sharp in the big games since the Michigan/OSU game of '06.