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    Can't believe no one has mentioned this one.

    Was happy with the way Pryor took control (finally) late in the game. It was a win but ugly. Our D-Line needs some serious help, as I mentioned in an earlier post they need some Fire! A little chip on their shoulder would be a good thing. The O still needs some work. Tressel usually gets the team to noticably improve throughout the early games and we are usually hitting on all cylinders by now. This team seems a little different.

    There are still some big tests left in the season.

    Go Bucks!
  2. I was also glad to see Pryor take control of the game. I can now say I have a renewed confidence in Tressel and the Buckeyes! I wasn't too sure about them over the past couple of weeks. All in all, it was a great win in a tough environment considering Tressel is only 3-3 against the Badgers.

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    Great win in a tough place to win.......Pryor and Wells looked great......
  4. No doubt this was a good win in a tough environment. Wisconsin is no slouch by any means. There were some good things that I saw in the game but there are obviously still some concerns. As was mentioned our D-line did not really shine yet again. They just are not able to control the line of scrimmage the way that some of the recent groups have. While they got pressure at times on Evridge it may seem encouraging. However after seeing the way that Michigan's D-line dominated Wisconsin's O-line in the second half last week makes me expect a bit more from them. Giving up over 170 rushing yards can prove to be a major concern at some point down the line, especially when they were getting that yardage at 5 yards a pop.

    I thought Pryor was again quite impressive. He made some great decisions at times although he still made a few inexperienced blunders. He missed some reads of open receivers but fortunately he didn't try to force what was not there. He just needs to get a bit quicker on his reads at times and get out of the pocket sooner when nothing is there in the air. The missed open receivers I feel will certainly come in to his vision as the weeks go by. Overall I still think he has been everything that I anticipated from him.

    Oh by the way that was a beatifully executed option on the touchdown run. He played the OLB perfectly and forced him to commit and did not hesitate once he made the move. The OLB took Wells and instantly he was downfield with the goal line in his sights. You could tell he is quite comfortable making that play.
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    Remember that the kid is only 19 years old. You may be watching a 2 time heisman winner there. Archie and arron.:) I still wish he'd have went to Pitt.:p
  6. Yeah, that is why I am willing to accept some mistakes along the way. The great thing so far is that his mistakes have not been real costly. More lost opportunities than turnovers.
  7. The whole night game, in a hostile environment, TV against a ranked opponent didnt seem to overwhelm him and thats what really impresses me, the kid seems to glide when he is running, numerous times I thought he was busted dead to rights on those scrambles or designed runs and he just blew right by the defender, we wont be seriously considered a top-flight team again until we knock off Penn State.
  8. I was thinking the same thing after the game Saturday. Pryor is a freshmen and looking pretty good. Imagine how he will look 2 years from now.