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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. flathunter

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    Defense was good, I dont like the offense, to many weapons not to score alot of points..I dont like Zwick, or Smith..I think Boakman needs a shot.
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    just me but i still don't think they're throwing enough long passes.even if they have some incompletions here and there those long ones will keep the defense from packing in tight on the run and the short pass.besides,when you've got weapons like ginn and holmes you gotta use that speed to your advantage.
    can't afford fumbles at the goal line and they gotta start doing a better job in the red zone.overall,not really too bad.they'll come around and until they do i think they've got one of the best defenses around!

  3. I am still not sold on Smith being the #1 QB. I think Zwick has better tools to be a true passer. It seems that Smith only thinks about passing when all else fails. He breaks out of the pocket too early on flushes and they are getting way too accustomed to using the QB draw. It can be effective but we still need the passing game. I agree that the ball needs to go more vertical at times. With the guys they have they should be able to create more single converage mismatches downfield.

    I still think that if Smith likes running the ball so much they should make him a tailback and Zwick the QB. Then you could create some real problems for a defense when you have the ability to throw with Smith at times from the back postition.