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Buckeyes are still bad

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    My gosh, this is pathetic..Ok you footbal gurus, what is the problem...I see it as the offensive line. defensive line, Quaterback, and running back...Anything else?
  2. bill_gfish

    bill_gfish Well, Gee Whiz!

    heard they had a guy with a good foot though!


  3. dip

    dip dip

    at least they'll git a high draft choice! :D DERN! DAT'S DA NFL. jakkal, its da offensive and defensive lines, qb, rb, te, wr, db, and lb. lets not fergit special teams. other than NOOGE wadda we got?
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    We rushed the ball 28 times for 33yds, that is almost funny!
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i think dip pretty much covered it :rolleyes:
    tonight they made it official..............................THEY SUCK!!!! :rolleyes: :mad:
  6. It's amazing how Tressel always goes blameless.I listened to the game on the radio,and the announcers constantly second guessed the play calling.How many times on first down is it Ross up the middle? Does OSU even have screen passes in their playbook? The tight end is consistently open,but rarely thrown to,and when they do -it works.For all the people that think Tressel is the second coming of Woody Hayes just remember,he didn't have that undefeated season with any players he recruited,they were already here.THIS is his team were seeing now,and after today,I believe the players have packed it in.
  7. The Ohio State Suckeyes!!!3in a row?????there is definitely something WRONG with this team??injuries?? unknown or known?? disention among team mates? or heaven forbid!!no talent??it is like somebody threw the power switch to off! :mad: ----Wisconsin--Iowa--Northwestern---notice it spells win?? :eek:
  8. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    rac, you almost said it in two words. "no talent" we have talent, there's just not enough of it.

    every team goes through their low and high points. We've had two incredible seasons, don't turn your backs on our team now.

    I'll go on record right here by saying I don't think we'll qualify for a bowl game. At all. It doesn't take away my pride and support for the Bucs though. We'll be back.
  9. I think OSU will qualify for a bowl game,not a great one,but at least a bowl game.I definitely see wins over Indiana,Penn State and one more.Purdue will be tough,and UM will be a rough one,but I can see a 6-5.That should get you in a bowl,I predicted 8-3 before the season,kind of looks like a longshot now.
  10. Marshall

    Marshall Catch Photo And Release

    That is one of the most painful offences i have ever saw. Why don't they just kneel it on first down at least they won't lose yards. The line needs to step it up and ross needs out and pitman in. I seriously doubt they win another game this year unless they do something. indiana and penn state are their only chance. I have enjoyed 2 good years of buckeye football so im not gonna turn my back but they are not so good.
  11. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    i've been watching them for a looooong time now and i can't remember a worse team!
    i really tried to watch some of the specifics yesterday just to see what's lacking and it's pretty much everything except for nugent and the receivers.
    o-linemen can't,won't or,don't stay with their blocks.
    running game kind of goes hand in hand with the o-line.hard to have one with out the other.
    no good play from either qback.
    secondary can't seem to play a zone.(man to man MIGHT be something to try)
    it's just gonna be one of those seasons for buckeye fans.but i'd still rather root for a losing ohio state than i would for michigan.ya gotta take the bad with the good.
  12. I would rather root for Michigan before I would for Wisconsin.At least when Michigan beats OSU they don't dance on the "O"! I don't think the receivers are blameless either,a lot of dropped balls,and missed blocks.
  13. I pass pretty much the same judgement as many have already here. The Bucks just are simply not a very good team. I have been saying it for a few weeks now even before the first loss same along. Everybody kept supporting them saying they will be alright. But the biggest difference this year to that past few is that the defense is so mediocre (at best) that we are not able to win games by mistake free field position type ball. That is Tressel's style. Most did not mind it when it was working. But something has to change. On offense the line is so soft that I think their only hope of establishing anything is pretty much abandoning the running game and let Zwick get over his so-called youth problems. There is talent at the widout positions that can make things happen if and when we can get it to them.

    The defensive line is slower than molasses in January it seems. They can not put pressure on the QB, cannot contain QB in the pocket. The only hope we ever have of pressuring is by sending 5 or 6. Our CB's will not play up on the receivers and pressure the offense. I blame this on the scheme employed by Snyder. I think we are missing Dantonio more than anyone ever suspected. I still think the LB's are the real deal. They just can not do it all.

    The last few weeks have left me thinking more along the lines of the "no talent" theory. I keep hearing the "youth" excuse being played out. That just does not cut it with me. Youth explains some knucklehead decisions but you should still be seeing glimmers of greatness. It just has not been there. Every week we face teams with kids playing that are as young or younger than ours and they show no need for any "youth" excuses.:rolleyes: Tate was only a true sophomore with limited action last year as a Frosh and he played very well. Look up north at their QB, Henne. He is a true freshman. I think the excuse of being young has been long exhausted. They just need to start producing or try someone else. That goes for all positions. OSU recruits plenty of kids. Sooner or later they may find a diamond in the rough.

    I think the coaches need to be held somewhat accountable as well. Like Riverwalker said, there were several cases where play calling left many scratching their head. Why do you throw 4 yard crossing patterns on 3rd and 12? Why do you throw the bomb on 3rd and inches? Why do you forget that you have a tight end? Why do we never throw to our backs?

    Well, you can see I don't have a very bright outlook for the team this year.:rolleyes: Even Indiana, whom many consider a given most years will not be this time. They took Northwestern to OT the wekk after Northwestern kicked OSU's rear end. PSU should be a win but not if the team packs it in for the year. MSU just got done pummeling Minnesota and got their offense on track while at the same time shutting down a pretty decent Minnesota attack. Purdue is just an offensive powerhouse that will take a major turnaround to defeat them. And then the team up north comes in to the shoe. They seem to be playing very well as of late. I hope they can find three wins in there but don't ask me to pick them out.:rolleyes:
  14. Don't get me wrong. I will still root for OSU in their games. But now I am rooting with a whole different level of expectation. I will now be looking for who is going to step up and earn playing time and develop the team for next year. If we get wins along the way that is all that much better.

    Don't forget who set that precedence.;) Then same thing happened in reverse a few years ago at their place. I am not condoning their behavior but only saying that our Bucks stooped that low before as well.
  15. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    When 14 (I think) players move on to the NFL in one year you are obviously going to feel the pain. I haven't liked Ross or Hall ever, Pittman is the man. I watched him play as a kid through High School he's got what it takes. So what if he's a freshman, Meatchicken has a freshman in the backfield that is tearing it up. Also the receivers do not finish their routes. They run so far then quit. When you got a QB in trouble (always) you got to keep moving on your routes.
  16. I admit I have like what I have seen from Pittman so far. With the line in front of them sometimes it is hard to see what they have. But I like that he is quick to make his decision in the line and runs hard no bigger than he is. He made a run last week against Wisconsin that showed me some of his explosiveness when he took the ball in the backfield and was met immediately by the defense. He put on a fake and was able to outrun the defense to the corner for a gain. It did not go for a big gain but I don't think they had anyone else on that team that could have done that.