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  1. took my 7 year old son out to buckeye ocean this morning in the pond hopper because the 'toon was not ready, anyways the fishing was slow, nary a nibble, lots of jumping activity all around but no luck, and to make matters worse got stopped by the water police ($#$@*^!!!!) and picked up a $90 or so dollar ticket becuase i didnt have a life vest for myself (yes my son had his on). bugger it all, was a last min toss together trip this am and like an idiot i forgot mine. anyway word of warning to all they are out hot and heavy prolly due to the season just starting and they are checking boats left and right. make sure you have your floatation devices, fire extinguisher and boat registration with you. funny thing is he didnt even want to see my license....
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    yep,that will get you a ticket every time;)
    being an honest mistake,i know it's a bummer,but they're always checking those things out there.i've seen more than one person nailed for it.

  3. Tappans A Bad Place For Violations Too, Knock On Wood, Never Been Checked There OR Skeeter.
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    I just got back from there, also seen a couple of speeders get slowed down by the blue lights. Other than that it was a beautiful day on the lake, caught 4 wipers and 2 channels. WOW! was that water clear or what,I could see bottom in 6 feet of water.
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    That's crazy, if ya fall out of the boat on Buckeye all ya have to do in stand up :D
  6. 6 ft of water 3 ft of sludge that i dont want my foot in
  7. Does the registration have to be on the boat or can it be in the glovebox of the truck
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    jeff,it has to be in the boat with you.that's what i like about those new cards.always in the wallet:)
  9. at least he was kind enough to give me the choice of getting off the water or taking a "loaner" life jacket from him, told me if i saw him before i left to give it back but if not no big deal. of course i took the loaner and could not locate him when we left. to top it off the "loaner" blew outta the boat on the way home.....he wasn't a weiner about the whole thing, just thought he coulda gave me a warning. damn 'toon is full of life jackets, not like i need another one and $90.00??? bit steep if ya asks me
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    of the people i've seen/heard of that were busted,every one got the ticket.and yes it's steep,but standard and gets your attention;)
    they take the pfd thing very serious.i've seen them check people at the dock and try to give them a break before they blasted off,then ticket them after getting some smart lip,LOL.like your case,offered the option of a loner or get off te water.if they'd kept their mouth shut,they'd have saved some money,LOL.
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    I got checked at Oshay by Columbus Watercraft, not DNR, and they didn't exactly like that I had a COPY of the registration in the boat instead of the real deal.
    Misfit, what cards are you talking about? My registration is a little over a 1/2 sheet of paper. The only thing I have on a card is that boaters saftey thing I had to take since I was born after '82.
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    i did my registration online and they sent me a little plastic knda card.same size as a credit card.really nice to keep in your wallet and it won't fade or wear.
  13. I was out at Oshay and the ranger asked if I wanted him to give me a courtesy safety inspection. Being my first boat, my reply was "Sure" Had everything I needed except registration. Did not know it needed to be with me. Also the spacing in the OH boat ID did not have proper spacing between the letters and number (one side) he told me they were going to checking this close.

    Happy me, no safety boat sticker until I can find a ranger again, and produce my regi>
  14. Misfits right about those cards not fading as long as you don't forget to take your wallet out of your pants before throwing them in the wash. :( Can't even read mine anymore.
  15. I like those license card holders too. I picked one up while fishing in TX. walmart gave it to me when I got my license.
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    Does this carrying the reg..apply to all boats or 14ft and larger
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    ALL boats,regardless of size.
  18. Doesn't even matter if it's a blow up raft with plastic oars from wally-world...gotta have numbers on it and a sticker.

    I've watched them pull guys off the water at an Ohio Power campsite lake. Told the guys (each guy had his own little raft) that even those things needed state registration, and to get the HID off the raft and go register it and get tags if they wanted to put them back on the water. One of the rafts had an HID...the other didn't. Officers told the guy he had to apply for an HID, make a wooden plack with the Hull Identification Number on it, and attach it to the raft!

    The officers then said if you took a swimmers raft out on the water and laid in the sun right next to shore...it would need an HID and registration. Only place you can use a raft in Ohio without boat registration is a pool or private pond.
  19. Working EMS out that way - we had a drowning out in Buckeye last year. Missing for some time. I suppose he got sucked into that muck. They are gonna be hitting the lake harder this year, so take warning.
  20. What happens if he gives you a warning and you end up drowning half an hour later?