Buckeye Lake

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  1. BUCKEYE LAKE: A friend told me today that both yesterday and today the boat ramp and parking areas were full. He said it was really crazy with people almost coming to blows over launching and loading boats, even though there are two ramps there.

    My question is .... does anyone in the area know if this goes on this whole week or usually just for the weekend? I wanted to go out there later this week, but I am not going to fight a bunch of crazies at the dock or on the water, just to fish. .... Garry-
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    It's mostly on the weekends. It's mostly idiots with the jet skiers and people that only take there boat out once a year and have no clue how to back up a trailer....LOL

  3. Garry, I both fish and take a larger boat to buckeye lake regularly. I am usually off on mondays so I can testify that on mondays at least it is almost a ghost lake from any time am till 6 pm. Maybe a little traffic after 6 but I think probally mostly those that live on the lake who generally have some respect for it. I would think this would be the case monday through thursday. Traffic does pick up a little earlier on friday due to the bars and people headin out to party. Obviously holiday mondays are an exception.
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    ditto.weekends are playtime,but weekdays are fishing days.the same thing goes on at any bigger lakes without 10 hp restrictions,so it's not just a buckeye thing.which is why i prefer to fish weekdays.they were made for us old retired guys:)
  5. Was out there today on memorial day, no real wait on the ramps, parking lot was not FULL but it was pushing it. There were some bigger boats on the lake due to Memorial day. But overall it was a good day, besides the wind. Crappie weren't biting for nothing though. Did manage to (almost) land a HUGE catfish. Gave me a huge fight. Got it half on the boat and my neighbor said there was 10 pounds on the line with half the fish out of the water. Same story 3 weeks ago but the other was around with us, he was fishing with minnow and something BIG hit. Never did see what that one was. couldn't get that one in the boat either.