Buckeye Lake

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  1. Fished Friday night and Saturday Morning. Managed to catch 64 crappie. All but 4 were 9+ and caught (2) 12 1/2 inchers. All on roadrunners. Also got a 3lb walleye just before the rain came in Saturday. Depths were 4-6 feet with a few shallower. 2 bass tournaments were going on Saturday so it felt like there were more boats than fish in the water. I would have to say that the water clarity was unbelievable for that lake. 4 ft clear and that is no exaggeration. Fishing mainly around Cranberry Marsh. Does anyone know of any other areas at Buckeye that offer good early spring Crappie action?
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    does anyone knoa anything bout the bass fishing on this lake? are there any bass on beds yet?

  3. In speaking with the guys in the tournaments, the Bass bite was slow. It is a shallow lake and warms earlier than the other lakes in the area. I would imagine if the weather stays warm, the bass will be on their beds in the next 10 days
  4. They were moving up this weekend so they should be locked on now anytime.
  5. I haven't hit any crappie yet this year, but Mud Island is usually pretty decent. So is the canal over at Brooks Park, although if you're in a boat you can't get past the foot bridge. You could also try the docks at the ranger station at Lieb's, my father-in-law said he caught several nice ones along with a big gill over there a few days ago. I'm hoping this weekend will have them turned on and ready to play! :)
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    usually the canals hold good crappie if there is some deeper water nearby(4-6')
  7. I dont get on it alot but wheni do i always head strait for Heron bay usually have it to myself and a mixed bag of fish