Buckeye Lake

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  1. I whipped myself into a frenzy at work yesterday going through the Cabela's Master Fishing Catalog and reading posts on here...when I got off work I had to get my line wet and that was around 4PM...so when I got home I packed up my gear ate my dinner and headed out to Buckeye Lake...got there around 5:50PM...I fished for about an hour using tandem jig heads with twister tails, white and chartreuse...caught 3 keeper Saugeye, but to tell you the truth I was just happy to be catching fish...I'm actually used to using Rooster tails and jigs with Twister tails on a fast retrieve while fishing for bass so I found the slllloooowwww retrieve and barely perceptible strike tedious at best so...I decided I'm going to fish for them the way I did a couple years ago when I would catch my limit nightly...a slip bobber, a split shot, a hook with leader, and a minnow suspended about a foot and a half to two feet below the bobber....I can put my poles down, smoke, hands in my pockets and watch my bobbers...:) ...gotta love it...I think I just don't have the knack for jigging for Walleye and Saugeye...strange I know...oh yeah, there were several people out there and they were catching fish too, I even saw one guy catch a double header, a Saugeye and a nice sized Crappie...well, gotta get back to work but get out there and catch 'em all
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    Great report. I was waiting to hear something about Buckeye.

  3. bruce


    what did they :B or hamer handles:p
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    Were they biting like this only at specific areas?
  5. Well, I only fished one place so I don't know if they were biting well anywhere else but I was fishing on the little concrete peninsula by where the boat's put it...it's lit with a parking lot light that flickers and gives off so-so light but you can definitely see bobbers and the like...and in answer to Bruce they were about the size of an aerosol can of RAID...lol...the larger size, not the smaller...lol...hope to see you guys out there lakeside Mon. or Tues. I'm going to pass out when I get home from work this evening....take care
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    I was out Friday morning and saw a few keepers brought in. Was way too windy for me though. Think I'll try Monday morning myself
  7. took the dogs for a walk at the north shore boat ramp area last week seen a guy land 2 16 inchers right at dusk and then watched him carefully play a huge fish down to the ramp so he could land it i walked back down and it was a carp sure looked like fun. He was useing minnows under a float i was out a cple days earlier throwing husky jerks no takers
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    unfortunately there will probably be ice over buckeye by the weekend.
  9. is there any open water now at either buckeye or indian? or should I say is it fishable
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    I was there on Sunday evening and it was all open. Didn't have any luck with either jerks or minnows under bobber, but that's another story. I would guess it's still open for now.
  11. What do you mean "unfortunately"?:D
  12. ya really? Ice would be great!!! I hope we can get on buckeye ice by mid week next week.
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    :( Went out Wed morning and all of the spots I usually go to were all ice. 3rd time thats happened to me this year. May have to put the poles up until spring
  14. how thick is the ice??? should be time to get the ice gear out!!!!
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    Mainly surface ice, not ready for you ice guys yet
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    You guys that fish Buckeye may, or may not, be thrilled to hear that your lake is a "Top Pick" in the February issue of Walleye Insider. It says that 1 - 3 pound Saugeyes are the mainstay for ice anglers. They are pointed to "rock strewn areas adjacent to breaklines in 3 to 4 feet of water near Harbor Hills."

    No hardwater for me, thanks. You all have fun.

  17. Hi Blueboat, you are really missing out on a lot of fun by not ice fishing, if you have the proper equipment, it's a riot.