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Buckeye lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bluegill bill, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Bluegill and saugeye on fire a little searching goes along way.Limit of saugeye and nice mess of gills for freezer sunday midday bass minnows and waxies.New to site will try to post pics soon
  2. Good for you! Let me guess all the eyes between 17-19"?????
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  3. Boat or bank fishing.
  4. Welcome to the site Bluegill Bill, I like your name, it has a nice ring to it.
  5. Awesome! Were you on bank or boat fishing?
  6. Congrats on the fishing bluegill.
  7. bank
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  8. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    My last three trips there has only yielded catfish.
  9. That s been the norm for a lot of guys out there. Imo the saugeye fishing at buckeye lake is awfull right now. I've fished it a total of 20+ years and the last 10 it has become my "home lake".
    There are still saugeye in it. But I'm not catching them. I had a couple good fall trips tite lining minnows. It's not my favorite way to fish. But that seems to be one of the only ways to get them. I caught fish constantly up until late last spring. Since then has been terrible,For me. There are guys still getting them. And I'm sure a few guys that are still getting a lot of them from time to time.
    Catfish,crappie,bass,gills that's another story. When they start issuing permits to tournaments again. We are going to see some big bass bags the first few years I imagine.
    I take my saugeye gear with me still,but I'm usually targeting other species when I head to buckeye anymore.
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  10. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    I usually run a crappie rig tight lined with two bass minnows on the bait runner set up. Then with the other rod cast swim baits or dead stick crankbaits. The crappie rig is the only thing that has produced for me this year.
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  11. It's a bummer to,considering 2/3 years ago it was best in state for saugeye hands down
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  12. With out all the pressure on the saugeye and the water so shallow hopefully the saugeye ate a lot of the shad is fat now.
  13. I wi
    [QUOtha="ristorap, post: 2296197, member: 39626"]With out all the pressure on the saugeye and the water so shallow hopefully the saugeye ate a lot of the shad is fat now.[/QUOTE]
    I wish thats all it was. But the shad have been thick at buckeye for as long as I can remember. Even when shad are thick an the eyes are actively feeding they can be easily tricked into eating.
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