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Buckeye lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by zamoyer, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Anyone catching any saugeyes out at buckeye lake?? I am looking to go out there thi week and just wondering if anyone has been catching any lately.
  2. Went for a few hours this evening. I fished the north shore area saw a few dinks caught and kept :mad: (under 10 inches). I was trying for crappie with minnow and bobber and didnt do any good so i tied on a double jig heads with a white twister and a chartruse twister on about my 3rd cast i hooked one, fought it for a while, finally got it up by the rocks to where i could reach down and grab it by the gills but it spit one of jigs before i could get to it.
    Man was i ever heartboken, it was probaly the bigges saugeye i hooded all yr long. I got a good look at it and so did my cousin and we both guessed it a 27-29 inches and extremly fat.
    good luck, they should be moving in real good now.
    i still have tears in my eyes.

  3. Hey bluufrdtrk did you catch anything else over there? I am going to be spending the next two weeks up at Buckeye and I will have to venture out and do some fishing. Was the night bite anything to write home about? Did you do any mid day fishing? Wanna get together maybe Saturday night up there and do a little fishing? Thanks.

  4. I didnt get another bite the whole night but only fished there for a few hours,
    stayed about an hour after dark and didnt get anything. The big one i hooked came about an hour before dark.
    I think from now until ice it will be worth hitting(might not catch any but you always have a shot at a biggun).
    I am not for sure if my car will be running by saterday or not, it broke down on me on my way home last nite, and it might be the tranny.
    i will post here to let you know, any more questions just ask