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Buckeye Lake

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishJunky, May 25, 2004.

  1. FishJunky

    FishJunky AEP Tuber Association

    Went to Buckeye Lake on the 22nd. Not much luck. We caught three channels. The guys next to us was decked out for carp though. They had caught about 5 carp ranging in weight from 5 to 10 pounds before we left. We headed to a priviate pond and caught some nice LM 12" to 15" until my buddy brought in a 20". So over all it was'nt a bad day. Never is when you can get out and throw a line in the water.... :D Could anyone tell me where a good catfishing spot is on Buckeye? :confused: Thanks
  2. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Hey Fish........that was likely me down there carpin' :) I had the white bucket style hat on with the sides buttoned up :D

  3. katfishmcgraw

    katfishmcgraw aficianado

    and whereever the chicken livers is....(hint, hint) :D 97% of the channels I catch there are about 1lb. However, I know there are much bigger cats in there that probably don't hit on chicken liver all too often :rolleyes: Are ya bank fishin or boat fishin??? I could probably lead ya in the right direction to at least catch some fish