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Buckeye lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bluufrdtrk, May 1, 2004.

  1. Fished this evening for a few hours at north shore and dindnt get anything.
    I got bored and picked up some chicken livers and went to leibs island. I caught 4 channel cats between 17 and 20 inches. Was alot of fun since i caught them on my crappie and saugeye spinning gear cause i didnt bring any catfish gear.
  2. the boss and i cleaned 81 crappie and one bluegill this evening. she loves bobber fishing. i caught mine on a 64th oz. feather jig, early on, and later, when the bite slowed, i switched to a 16th oz. twister tail below a bobber. that seeemed to wake them up. the boss caught all but one of hers on minnows.

  3. Nice job on the crappie.Where there any size to them? they can be a blast out there.
  4. these fish weren't "slaps" but they were cleanable. few more weeks like the last two and i won't be keeping any more this year. last year i stopped keeping at the end of june.
  5. rebel

    rebel Take a kid fishing today!

    Where abouts did you catch the crappie? Were they tight around wood? How deep were they? What was the water temp? My dad went out twice last week and caught about 40 or so, and most were 10" or smaller. Made for an alright day of fishing for him but he said he'd like to see the weather stabilize and stay warm and sunny for a few days.
  6. rebel, they were right next to, and around the shore, near docks. i was using a 64th ounce feather jig. i was just dipping it around, never more than a foot or two deep. we didn't catch any slabs either, but there were only two females in the bunch. i don,t think they were in yet.