Buckeye Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by puterdude, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Buckeye Lake is open & ice free and accepting reservations.Come and get em boys the wait is over!
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i thought you were sick.....................get back to bed:p

  3. I know ,I couldn't take it any longer,me and the mrs.drove out for a peek.I think I am going to do the sweat suit,whiskey and zicam tonight and let er rip.
  4. misfit

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    can't keep a good man down,LOL.just talked to fred,and he's got it too:(
  5. as soon as i shake it I"m on Buckeye, you game ?
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    yep.long as the weather cooperates.
  7. I'll give ya a yell when I am ready
  8. I was watching the news this morning and they reported a big fish kill at buckeye.They showed alot of dead fish.Any one know what kind of fish died there?
  9. misfit

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    my guess is shad.there's always a big shad kill at ice out.could be other fish,but there will definitely be lots of dead shad floating around with the thaw.
  10. PapaBullhead

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    I saw the piece on the news. It was shad. They made it sound like Armageddon. It's the same old thing we see all the time in the spring.
  11. Mushijobah

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    Freakin local news. In other news, did misfit and puterdude get out on the water??:)
  12. puterdude has a chest cold so he never made it om Buckeye ,now as the misfit,if he found a boat going with an empty seat he's be on it.
  13. misfit

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    misfit decided to do the sports show instead.
    but only after i couldn't find a seat.
    where were you,kyle?
  14. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Now that method must have been described and recommended by a very intelligent individual. :rolleyes::D
  15. bassteaser1

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    Any boats out yet?Or is the water still way down?I figure they will keep it low so they can work on 79 ramp
  16. I will be back in a week guys and i will be ready even if only for a short trip whats the best place to drop a boat? other then in the water
  17. Ok guys been checking it out a couple times the water is still down 2 plus feet.They have bubblers around all the docks from the 79 ramp to the boat club to protect the docks from the ice,that water has been open all winter the new ramp is going to have three lanes looks prety nice.The concret is all in all they have to do is some back fill and stuff.It looks like it is about ready for some ( MIS ADVENTURES ! How you doing Rick ? Tight Lines Fishguy
  18. b912

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    So I haven't yet heard anyone posting that boats are on Buckeye. I've fished Buckeye a hundred times but never before spring. I've really stepped it up this past year and I've managed to get some type of fishing in all year round. I've got a 17' deep v and live right down the road. Is it safe to put in now? I would be targeting saugeyes, which to me seem pretty aboundant durring warmer months. Do the same spots and methods that work all spring and summer apply right now? If not, what are you looking for? I've got Monday off and would go out regardless of the cold as long as it is safe.
  19. misfit

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    lee,i'd be doing better if i could get out and wet a line;)
  20. Fished around Leibs last 2 nights, water seems to be perhaps a foot shallower than normal for this time of year, I assume due to the ramp work. Water was a bit clearer tonight but nothing to show for my efforts.

    Plenty of shad floating around and there were a bunch finning over the ramps. Would not take much to have enough for a year's supply of cut bait....or worse.