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  1. I was out today fishing around the marsh area for some panfish since the saugeyes haven't been doing anything for me. at about 4'oclock the ice started making the sounds that we are all used to hearin. however it kept on getting worse and worse and i was litteraly watching cracks form as they would go past me. it seemed every few steps you would take you could feel the ice move and make more sounds. at one point closer to the marsh the ice actually sank a little bit on me. i have always been told that ice making the noises is a good sign because it is making more ice, but this was more than i have ever heard. i drove past the spillway on the way out and they were taking water out. could this have been the cause of more cracking than usual? i know it's a big lake and would take longer than reservoirs to get lower but if the ice was trying to adjust to the water level it makes since that this could have been the reason? any and all opinions are appreciated because i would like to know if i was just a little girl or if i was smart to finally get off the lake. also there were some holes that were 4" and other holes 6" that i drilled in the same area.
    so is the ice really making more ice when its cracking? thanks in advance for responses.
    on a side note i came across a spot of open water just east of the marsh where there was bubbles boilin up constantly. hole was close to 4 ft in diameter so for everyone else going out there becarefull of the springs!
  2. Yea im glad you brought that up, I havent been ice fishing too long but for the four or five years ive done it i have never heard it quite like that before. I was fishing in the marsh area today as well until about 430 or so, and that last hour or so it started getting pretty bad. It seemed like is was worst in the marsh area cause on my way back toward little buckeye it wasnt crackin nearly as much, so if u said the water was comin out at the spillway that would make sense. Oh and good warning on that spring in the middle.

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    It was also pretty bad at Findlay the last 2-3 hrs. I finally called it a day when I felt one go right under the shanty and felt the ice shift.
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    Seismic activity, ice building, lake level dropping, wind shifting direction.
    Could some of the more experienced ice fishermen comment on what might be causing the unusual cracking and fracturing of the ice. I have seen the lakes crisscrossed with cracks and always wondered what caused them. I know that as ice builds it expands but there seems to be periods when there is more cracking and moving going on and it sometimes can test the nerves.
  5. It was poppin and crackin all morning but settled down after about 10am and I never heard it again, left at 3pm today. The fishin was terrbile, on the ice at 7am and never had one hit, worked in front of fairfield beach from 3.5 to 6 FOW, drilled too many holes to count and never got a sniff. I saw one 16 inch saugeye caught in about 3 FOW but that was it. I had a nice time but really disappointed.
    Ice is about 6 inches in all places, I was sittin on the bucket and at one point this morning the ice popped and I felt a sharp drop, made me pucker up pretty good, but this ice is solid and not going anywhere, I just think it was making more ice. Man it was cold today....
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    I found a hole on Findlay #2 that the water line was about 3 or 4 inches below the ice surface. It was froze over and my fresh holes were ok, but it was popping and growning. #1 was doing the same thing. I think the city was moving water from 2 to 1 plus it was making ice at the same time. I went out to 2 yesterday and all was quite.