Buckeye Lake...?

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  1. Does anyone have any Buckeye Lake fishing reports from the last week or so...is anything biting? I was out at Buckeye about 2 weeks ago and was catching nice sized blue gill and channel cats...are the striper/wipers still hitting out there and if so whereabouts? I think I heard that they were doing something at the spillway, is that the left on millersport rd. before you get to the left for Lieb's Island?...I'm considering going out to Buckeye after work today...was just wondering if there's anything going on out there...catch 'em all..
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    Had very little success. I was using jig/twister, jig/crawler, shallow cranks and stick baits for saugeye with no takers. Two others with me were catfishing with crawlers and caught 3 from 1lb. up to 3lb. Solunar charts show I was there in prime feeding time so the location I was in must have been a bad choice. Sorry I couldn't muster up a more productive post. I'll give Alum a hot tonight and tomorrow and post results...