Buckeye Lake tomorrow ......

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  1. Okay guys ... I have never had to unload and load my big old clumsy boat by myself before and I am not as young as I used to be .... so if you see a guy tomorrow morning or evening trying to get a big old brown bathtube of a boat off or on a trailor ... I might need a hand ... Don't think any trouble getting it off .... but getting it on the trailor could be a problem ... this old fart would appreciate it ... Hard to see out of my red van .... Thanks .... Garry- :( :confused:
  2. have you checked the weather forecast,,,20 to 30 mph winds,could have some nice waves and drifting would be like trolling,not to mention playing havic on loading your rig.The cats should be biting like crazy though,Good Luck and tight lines.

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    Go to the lieb's island ramps they are they best. Always someone around to help you.
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    i'm with puterdude,in that it could be an adventure if we get the wids.being an old gimp myself,i understand the limitations and hassles when launching/loading alone.
    but if you're set on going,take desperado's advise and use the ramp at liebs.it's much more user friendly for solo launching,and as he said,you might find help there.
    if i were up to it,i'd give you a hand(2 gimps are better than 1........i think,lol),but with the temps in the forecast,i'll be staying inside where i can actually breathe.