buckeye lake saygeyes

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  1. is any one catching saugeye at buckeye lake
  2. shroomhunter

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    Someone probably is but not me, haven't been there in awhile. It should be starting to pick up soon and possibly already has. It's just not cold enough for me yet;) If the Bucs are getting it handed to them I may slip out there this evening for a cast or 2.

    Go give it a shot and post how you do, you'll be the first to post some success. Good way to get ready for the saugeye tourney there coming up in October. Can't catch 'em sittin' in front of the puter!!
    That goes for me as well but I gots things(honeydoos) to do today before the "game" tonight.

    I see you're from Springfield so it would be quite a drive for you just to find out. CJ Brown is in your back yard, do you fish it?

  3. yea i did real well there this summer . we got 37 one day wit a few over 20" . i have a tournement at buckeye on the 21 st. any help will be greatfull .
  4. I live on Buckeye and the saugeye had really turned on before the big blow on Sunday. One troller on the tow path had five fish over three #'s and one over seven #'s last Friday morning. Also I've heard of good success off of the marsh.