buckeye lake saugeye fishing

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, May 28, 2008.

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    headed to buckeye with puterdude this morning for some eye hunting.the cold front seemed to have had a negative effect,but we still managed to boat a few.started the chilly,breezy morning by trolling shadraps.first trolling pass resulted in the first eye of the day falling for puterdude's bait.we then trolled till about noon,trying every color we had,in depths from 6 to 14 feet,with only a couple missed oppotunities.decided to switch tactics and set up to drift 7 feet of water with roadrunners/minnies,which proved to be the day saver.fish were concentrated in a very small area,and we ended the day with 5 fat 15-16 inch eaters and a few missed/lost fish.not a stellar performance,but not a bad ending after a disappointing start.
  2. heck i think that is a great day eye fishing. especially considering the cold front lthat just passed thru and the wind today it was def. on the chilly side. i think the eyes at buckeye are a lil more loose with their lips than at hoover, cuz we always seem to get bit while bassin out there. although i did hit one small eye at hoover out of the two times i was out there bassin. anyways congrats on the eaters guys at least you got to get out on the water, with gas prices the way they are and the economy on its backside, its a blessing for any of us to get to haul the boats out and run them!

  3. Glad to see you guys did well out there today the wife and I fished the east side of leibs island and didn't get a nibble I wish I had a bow fishing rig though the Carp were thrashing like crazy