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Buckeye Lake or Alum Creek Spillway ????

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by MattSmith223, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Looking to go fishing today.... Which place would i have better luck for saugeyes throwing husky jerks & swim baits ??? someone please let me know. Thanks
  2. I would shoot for alum , blanked out as buckeye last night from boat threw the whole tackle box at em three bites whole night

  3. i wouldn't hit the alum creek spillway there is practically no water coming out of the lake right now. If you go to alum try from shore.
  4. the actual lake from shore just to be more clear
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  5. Oh wow ! thanks appreciate the advice
  6. Thanks ! where would u suggest saugeye fishing today? if anywhere ?
  7. south pool at alum should have some decent clarity. not sure if indian has been good from shore at all. I don't really venture out that way. Mainly stick to alum and hoover. I have been avoiding eye fishing though and hitting smallmouth instead. I prefer creeks and river over reservoirs.
  8. Fished Alum yesterday, onthefly is right, water is barely coming out of the spillway. I fished the lake from south bank, no luck. A couple boats were close to me and didn't see them pull anything.
  9. The last 2-3 weeks at Alum have been really slow for me. Not seeing anyone catching much lately, either.
  10. unless you name is Troy :rolleyes:
  11. I caught two in alum spillway two nights ago, they're in there.
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  12. Anyone ever have any luck at the alum creek spillway fishing for Muskie?
  13. 4 so far this year
  14. Can I ask what you're fishing with? And what your set up is? I'm new to Muskie fishing and haven't had any luck so far this year. Any advice would be great!
  15. Saugeye baits. haha. Swimbaits and jerk baits.
  16. Good one from the alum spillway. Large shad kill underway now.


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