Buckeye Lake-Northshore

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  1. Couldn't sleep this morning so I headed out to Northshore at 3 30 am,threw a clown smithwick at the rocks,got a 15 incher throwback and missed setting the hook on a larger one.Quiet time was enjoyed,it was peaceful & tranquil to be out,also got to see about 6 meteors shooting across sky.Water temp was 51 degrees.
  2. hey the eyes are hitting at il at moundwood and the smithwicks at dark you better get up there .

  3. Yeah there killing them!! If you call 3-5 fish right at dark killing them. WATER NEED WATER!! Cold temps will help. Did get 8 on vibe middle of the day in harbor!! 20 MINUTE BITE AND DONE FOR REST OF DAY!!! That is how it has been at Indian hit or miss be at right spot right time!! Go get em!!
  4. Puterdude was out other night and loved it saw a few meteors as well. Saugeyes were slow got one about 19".
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    you should have called.that was one of the 6 times i was awake last night,so it would have beat tossing and turning in the bed the rest of the morning:rolleyes:
  6. I was at Buckeye on Tuesday and not much action - Heading back on Sunday evening so I will let you know how things are going.