Buckeye lake Northshore ramp

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  1. If you are planning a trip to Buckeye Lake avoid the northshore ramp.They are redoing the asphalt near the ramp.They are digging & patching the ruts that have been there for a few years.They have the ramp lane completely closed off.:confused:
  2. Where can we put the boat in tomorrow then? Is 37 still closed? Any ramps you can give us directions to?

  3. you can put in at leibs island at millersport,off millersport rd which runs south off 79 before the road closure,or fairfield beach ramp off 204 west of thornville.There is also one at brooks park in millersport but I wouldn't recommend using that one.Or call the park office ,they may have the ramp work completed by now.I went through there at noon today.
  4. never went fishing today,just stopped out there to see the water level.
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    I fished Buckeye Fri and Sat for bass and managed to catch Saugeyes and catfish on crankbaits in shallow water,less than 3'.The cats are hitting hard so I'd imagine they are really tearing up liver.This was in the middle of the day too.If you are not familiar with the lake I'd suggest Liebs Island,its easy to find and by far the best ramps.
  6. Actually the ramps were open on northshore, They just had the preparing lane closed. We got in with no problems but at the end of June into the middle of July they are shutting the whole thing down. (via park ranger). When we went out we landed nearly 50 cats. All around 18 inches with some small ones. I have a story to tell also. I was catfishing 2 pools. I pulled in a fish on one while i was checking bait on the other. There was no bait. I had a fish on the other pole so i threw that pole down and the hook (just hook no bait) was in the water maybe 3 inches. While I was taking off the catfish I just caught the end of my pool was popping up and down. I raised it up and there was a HUGE gill on it. Maybe 2 pounds. It was a great day fishing overall. With a bunch of stories. Catfish were also hitting on mister twisters.
  7. sounds like you are lucky or the gill was blind either way thats a good story.