Buckeye Lake in Bluffton

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by grdhandyman, May 26, 2008.

  1. Anyone fished in Bluffton at the quarry or at the Buckeye? I personally only caught 2 trout at the derby on the 3rd and a couple small gill's.
  2. I fished it during the derby. I caught 5 trout during the derby and got about 7 more during the week after. You really had to work for them this year. As far as the other quarry goes I don't know if they have been getting anything or not. There is a bait shop in Bluffton now, if you stop in there they will give you the latest reports on what and where. It is located behind the Teddy Bear store that is on Main St.

  3. I caught a few trout during the derby. It definately sucked this year. The big Quarry is muddy as heck right now. I tried it for crappie and gills twice in the past week and got nothing to speak of.
  4. We fish the big quarry about 4 times a week. Just because it is muddy doesn't mean you can't catch fish. We have been jigging for bass and getting 2-5 each time and we have been catching striper and white bass and a few gills too. We were getting a bunch of crappie but they have turned off, so we are thinking spawning. I also caught a Channel last week. Not mention Bullheads. Haven't fished the Buckeye latley having too much fun at Quarry or now known as Cob Lake.