Buckeye lake ,false alarm

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  1. About noon today my scanner and the county all call went to singing,about a fisherman following through the ice while fishing,Half the county busted butt out there and thank God it was a mistake,they mistook a duck hunter as a fisherman falling through the ice.He was fine,just hunting,how ,I have no idea.I was just thankful it wasn't one of us.Be patient guys about the ice,don't take chances,a fish isn't worth the risk drowning.
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    Dick how you feeling? Hope everything went good for you.

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    i just read about it from the guys that were layout shooting there on the ohiowaterfowler.com forums. the guy in the layout boat was waving his arms to be picked up by the big boat to switch out hunters. i guess someone on shore saw him and called 911?
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    thats pretty funny stuff...