Buckeye Lake Bass

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  1. How is the bass fishing at Buckeye Lake in april? There seem to always be alot of tournaments in the springtime.

  2. fishingredhawk

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    It can be awesome. Lots of bigger fish brought in. Just last Spring I saw a 6lber and a bunch of 4 lbers in the three tourneys I fished there.

  3. I can tell you from looking at the results from a lot of tournaments there last spring, there are BIG fish brought to the scales there. I've only ever fished it once (more to come this year) but plenty of 3-4lbers were brought in last spring with some even bigger.
  4. 10bender24

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    Went out today for a few hours to start and run boat for first time this year.Water temp. was 42 to 45 degrees,lake was 1' above summer pool and alot of dirty water from the rains.Caught 1 keeper in 1# range.Hard NE wind and cold.
  5. Anybody been more recently than March 29th that could write a little more about the bite, water clarity, temperature, etc.?
  6. There was a tournament there this past Sat, took 14.6 to win.
  7. 14.6? Wow, that is a nice bag for this early in the year. Any reports on water temps, etc.?
  8. 53-58 dependiong on where you were in the lake, im really surprised it took that much, talk to a bunch of guys that had one or maybe two fish, it was really tough
  9. Let me correct myself 14.76 was the exact. One team had a limit, everyone else, 2 and 1 fish, then blanks.