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buckeye lake bass

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassn4417, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. I'm new to central ohio and i live close to buckeye lake and have fished it many times since moving to the area :eek: .problem is aint catching nothing what is the best thing to use for bass in this lake my fish finder is saying theirs fish thier :mad: but no hits,so what is hot for bass in the lake
  2. You're best bet I a large amount of dynamite. I have no idea what to use for bass. I have caught crappies and saugers and catfish on minnows. Good luck.

  3. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    hey ft, i got a great pond for bass if you ever want to try it out, let me know..................
  4. Well for starter try fishing some of the hot spots for bass in there what i have seen is,around the marsh,fish across to the canal with the hump in the front fish both side,then come out there fish around the beach area,then the other place i have seen,go down to the end the lake to light house fish the lilly-pads,and the canal.and try useing green pumpin tube,lizard,baby brush hog,and your cranks,spinnerbaits.So good luck:)

  5. Sounds good to me. How about the 22? I'm busy this weekend and next Saturday. Let me know.
  6. It's really tough to catch bass at Buckeye once that water warms up. It ain't easy anytime, for that matter. I'd try flipping a 6" Black Power Worm around boat docks, a Norman Weed Walker over lilly pads, and a buzzbait late in the evening.

    That algae bloom really screws things up out there, it's a shame. Summer tournament results show how poor the bass fishing is on Buckeye Lake. I can remember when you could catch huge largemouth from Buckeye all Summer, no more.