Buckeye Lake anyone

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  1. I am comptemplateing fishing on Buckeye Lake tomorrow and Friday would be nice if I had someone to talk to or lie to while out there. Its been a long time since I have been on Buckeye so I will be looking for and at some old spots and possible new ones Saugeyes will be the target.
  2. Jeff, they are really biting at the boat ramp... :) don't even put it in.. just lower the trailer in far enough to give cover. :) Actually I was wondering the same thing, but didn't want to seem like I was trying to get inside info for the tournament. :)

  3. Thats why im goin out so as not to be riding on the skunk during the MIsfit Open hope to find something out one way or another
  4. LOL. I'll wave at ya. I'll be out there too...take good notes and I'll meet ya at the marina! :)
  5. where ya goin out of i can always use someone to follow lol or i can put the boat radio in and hollar at ya
  6. don't know yet... what does your boat look like?
  7. 19 ft bluefinn it says sportsman on the side dark blue witha light blue and red stripe 100 horse mercury and yours
  8. I just hit my 1000 post hear the bells and whistles aint it perty
  9. lol depends which friend lends me theirs... i sold my smokercraft this spring.. in a day... :(
  10. come up and meet me and we can go out and give it a shot
  11. Alas, I just saw when you are going... unfortunately I am too busy making lures to actually use them...
    maybe next time.
    I would love to take you up on it though
  12. just fished a wowc event at buckeye this past weekend, we and as well as most of the other competors caught our saugeyes alond the tow path. . . slow bite you have to work for them took all day to piece together a limit
  13. misfit

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    dick and i fished tday and only pulled two fish from the tow path.things were tough,and with the latest shad hatch the fish don't even have to move to fill their gut.tried awhile in the fairfield beach area with no action.several boats fishing tow path but we didn't notice any nets flying.
    fish were caught on shadraps.
  14. Thanks Rick I will give it a shot just put the trolling plates on to slow down the boat may have to throw a bucket over also so I will be exeperimenting tomorrow. Going to try in front of the brick house just outside firemans Park also always use to Mark fish there and would get em sometimes usually stripers though. Dont know if they still stock them in buckeye or not.If I happen to find someshould i keep em for ya rick I almost always eather give em away or throw em back.
  15. misfit

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    i have a few meals in the freezer,so let the fish swim.but thanks for the offer.
    i think our speed was about 1.8 on the troll.kicked it up to 2.4 later with no luck.i also hooked about a 12 pound carp in the tail in front of the north shore ramp,LOL.that was a hoot.i thought i was snagged till i stopped the boat and it finally started pulling back.
    good luck tomorrow.
  16. well after fishing lake logan for a lot of years i can tell you it would be a nice surprise to pull in a bunch of fish. Unfortunately the only way I know Buckeye is by water skiing... is that the tow path?
  17. misfit

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    check the odnr buckeye lake map.the tow path runs across the lake between sellers point(near the spillway)on the north side to just above the small islands out from liebs.
  18. Thanks! I already have the map, I guess maybe I should actually look at it.
  19. I think i will leave the tow fish alone may go look at the area just to familiarize myself with it a but if a lure happens to be in the water then i cant help it