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Buckeye fishing lure

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by FINMAN, Jan 9, 2005.


    FINMAN Old Junior Member

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    Unique novelty fishing lure. For the tackle box, the den, or to hang in your OSU room! The lure is designed to resemble the Bucks’ helmet. I finished it with a thick clear epoxy that can stand up to tackle box rash, and added red size 2 treble hooks. The 1/2 oz. 5 inch deep diver will be shipped to you in a clear lure box. $9.00, + S&H (only $2.00), US mail. Just one.

    I have been collecting novelty lures for some time, and have designed this lure because I just wasn’t able to find what I considered to be a respectable tribute to my beloved Buckeyes.
  2. harry1


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    i'll take it. just pm me and we'll make arrangements.

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