Buckeye conditions?

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  1. Can anyone give a heads up on lake conditions? Thinking of maybe going on Saturday. Thanks in advance.
  2. I plan on going this afternoon and can give you info afterwards if it would help.

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    I fished Buckeye Lake last Saturday the 10th and we didn't do as well as we thought we would. I'm mostly a bass guy. But this time, me and my brother-in-law went after crappie. They didn't start hitting until about 6:30 P.M. and we caught several between then and dark.

    About the conditions... With the weather we've had this week, I'm pretty sure the temps will be back into the mid to low 60s. With all of the cold fronts and falling barometric pressure systems followed by rising barometric pressure systems, followed by a bluebird clear day, followed by rain, followed by who knows what... I can't give you a clear opinion. But the water did look cleaner than usual when I was there last Saturday.
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    The water is still clean, even after the rain we've had. My brother lives there and has been out the last 4 days. Fish are biting and he's done quite well on saugeye.
  5. where and what are your best bets on the eyes
  6. Took the boat out on a public pond this afternoon,one so shallow you can walk across,one so polluted you can't eat the fish,one you have to scrub your boat a week after being in,and caught these nasty looking fish.Go Figure;)

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  7. thats one heck of a meal there mmm mmm tasty!!!!!! i was there today also and had a couple of eye bites while bassin. seen some guys out in the middle there in front of the marsh trollin around
  8. Nice job..... errr..I mean ewww yuck, lol.
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    that makes me sick just looking at those nasty things:mad:
    now i wish i would have let the puter wait and gone with you instead,cause i haven't been the same since you called with the news:p :(

    btw..........................nice catch:)
  10. Nice fish there. Bet it was fun, if you are not sick from being on that lake. I would be happy to eat those fish for you since they came from that nasty water. lol Thanks for the great pics and making me jealous.
  11. we'll tear them up as soon as I get back Misfit,thats a promise.Hopefully the bigger ones will be hitting,heck we can overlook the green glow coming from them.:p
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    Are you aloud to show those nasty things on this website?:p
  13. You wont have time to eat them nesting looking things. So while your cleaning your boat for a week I will get my deep fryer hot……..Nice catch