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Buckeye conditions

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by DaleM, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Just talked to my brother. He said there was ice on Buckeye the last 2 days and he'll check to see how much tonight. He said there was at least 2-3 inches last night and this morning. He'll update me through the week so stay tuned. If the ice is good I'll be out there Saturday for sure. I'll post tonight and the next two days.
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    sounds good! If there is good ice, all my other plans will be put on hold

  3. bruce


    come on dale if I going to get up in wee am you need to post soon.
  4. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Bruse, My brother just called and he said it look good. He will stop tomorrow night on his way home and check. No one was out tonight but he said there aren't many during the week anyway. I WILL post tomorrow for sure.
  5. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    In Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan I saw shanties on the ice:D too bad I didn't bring the gear along. Looks like I'll have to wait till the weekend!
  6. Dale - Keep the updates coming. I thought we would not get another chance. I will come out Saturday morning as well if we can fish. Maybe have better luck than last time.
  7. i am assuming you guys are fishing for saugeyes on buckeye lake? how do you guys fish for them and whats a good starting point? i will be in that area this weekend and wouldn't mind finding a way to feed my walleye addiction. feel free to pm me if you want to keep it off the board thanks!
  8. Minnows under tipups, jiggin spoons tipped with a minnow head or two, jigging rapalas, minnow close to the bottom under a bobber. Fairfield beach area is popular.
  9. just looked at the lake today at the marina around 2:30. there was a few feet of open water around the rocks and the snow on the ice was real dark. Im guessing thats from getting rained on. Ive seen alot of ice in my day and I have to say that its going to be very dicey at best for this weekend at buckeye. I didn't physically check it but there was enough open junk ice around the banks to know I didn't like what I saw. This is purely a guess but it looked like you could expect at this point at the most 1.5-2 inches of good ice and one inch of white refrozen ice, with about 1-2 inches of refrozen slush on top. It just had the looks of a lake that froze when the water was still too warm. not a sign of anyone setting foot on the ice at all.
  10. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    you are right on. At Fairfield beach at the point there is about 3 inches of ice. My Brother will be test drilling Friday afternoon. I'll post what he finds. The slush and snow isn't as bad there as it is different places on the lake. A little ify at the edge but it may be OK by Saturday if the weather stay cold enough. WE shall see.
  11. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Just talked to my Brother. he's still on the ice ( 10:00 PM) The eyes are hitting in about 5-8 feet of water on minnows. They have 3 1/2 inches of good ice. I'd say there will be 4 by morning. Several guys were out tonight and there is still 3 huts there now. Most of the fish are about 100 yards past the point. Look for the crowd. He said the guys he talked to will be back tomorrow. I should be out there about 10:30 or so. May be out Sunday if the cold continues.
    Anyone wanting to get back out should make the trip. Looks like they are hungry and who iknows how many more days we will have.
    Good luck if you get out, and becareful.
  12. I'm heading up to Buckeye this afternoon.
  13. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Fishing early was great. There were fish caught all day though. I left about 6:00. The last few hours were slow. We had 3 1/2 to 4 inches of ice that was getting slushy as the day went on. If we get the rain tonight I'd say we are done for a while. I have some pictures that I will post in a while.
    Nice day to be out on the ice for sure. Most of us just sat outside and enjoyed the friendship. Lots of laughs and fun was had by all.
  14. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Here are a few pictures as I promised. The last one is the sun set we had today. What a way to end a great day spent with a great bunch of guys.

  15. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Dale - Thanks for the help....

    I would of came over to say hey, but I had no clue where you were. :p So I just stayed outside the bite area most of the day... ;)

    I had NO clue Tip-Ups were so good to use.... It was fun watching you guys catch the fish all day while dad and I stood over there cussing trying to figure out why we weren't catching anything... We just said we weren't holding our mouth right...

    We ended up with 5 eyes for the day... 3 were dinks... And I snagged 2. No clue how you can snag eyes while ice fishing with a bobber....

    Biggest Eye went 16-17" around 3 lbs.

    Pics will follow here soon.
  17. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    You should have come over. There's never strangers on the ice. Glad to see you did catch some anyway. I did see several NICE eyes caught even though I was not one that did the catching:D It was a nice day to be out. I'll bet tomorrow there will be open water though. There was one crack that was getting bigger when I left the ice about 6:00 or so.
  18. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Our nice Eye


    Sunset - Awesome


    And probably one of the best pictures i've taken...


  19. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    One more picture that shows the OGF flag flying high!;)


    One more view of the Sunset on Buckeye.

  20. Hey Perchy Nice saugeye. Congrats on personal best. Great pictures guys!! Looked like fun day out on ice!!:)