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  1. So I bagged my first buck this past bow season on November 7th and sent it out to get mounted. I have yet to see it. I know it can take 3-6 months, but I am going on 8 months right now. Is it fair to request a discount or is that just the way it is?
  2. mine took close to 10 months....well worth the wait!!!!

  3. i bagged my first buck on 12-01-06 it took me14 months too get him back . it also was well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! pappysgto@aol.com

  4. That's patience....
  5. You should have signed a contract when you dropped the deer off, and on that contract should be an ESTIMATED completion time. Any professional taxidermist has a contract. Most any professional taxidermist will also have an 8-12 month return time, at the least. You will not get a discount, nor should you expect one. Any taxidermist doing half way decent work will take just as long, if not longer.

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    I shot mine on Oct. 3. Took him to Kellers in Navarre, He was deer #4. got him back around the beginning of April. Looks great, For the most part though a good taxidermist is going to be super busy. Anytime you get one in past October you are going to have to wait. Seems like 8-12 months sounds about like the right time span. Usually though, the longer the wait the better the mount. you don't want to get it back in 2-3 months and have it go from superbuck to superfreak.:)
  7. Good work takes time. I would just be patient as it will probably pay off in the end. Fortunitly I just happen to hunt with a guy that does taxidermy. Had my daughters first deer back alot sooner then I expected. It also turned out better then I ever imagined considering the battle scar the deer had acquired from a recent scrap. Thanks again for the great job Mike!
  8. If the guy is good and busy, figure a year. It will be worth it.
  9. I am hoping it turns out nice. There was some nasty scabbing on the ear and right under the left antler. Battle wounds maybe...?

    It's the first animal I have had mounted... and I kept everything. meat, pelt and feet...lol.