Buck Growl

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Boston30, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Though this would be interesting to share. I finally heard the infamous buck "growl" or "roar" yesterday. Was in the woods most of the day and after a bit of calling, heard 3 soft grunts behind me and then a much louder/more agressive roar. I grunting a few more times then a quick snort wheeze, but he wasn't interested.

    I always see this call advertised on TV but had never actually heard it in the woods. Eventhough i didn't get a shot on him, it was a great to hear!
  2. My buddy shot a nice buck Saturday night and was telling me that he came in just grunting up a storm. He said it was so loud and constant that his first impression was that someone was screwing around in the woods with their call. It was one grunt after another with barely a breath in between them. I doubt that it is the same as the growl but nevertheless it is a sound that is not what you are used to hearing from them and makes you rethink your calling techniques at times.;)

  3. I herd the growl this weekend as well. I was still packing up in the stand at 7:15 on Saturday night when some deer came into the bean filed I was hunting. Two bucks and three does. The biggest buck was so worked up when the does had no interest he gave two long roars or growls. It def. starttled me!
  4. Here is a good link to some background and a video of the buck growl call.

    Buck Growl Video by MAD

    My son and I heard a sound earlier this fall. It was actually late September that has me wondering whether it was indeed this noise. At the time we wrote it off as being a wild hog as we have seen one in recent months in our neighborhood. We were in the woods and this noise came from the standing corn field. To me at the time a hog was about the only thing that came to mind. But later I recalled reading and seeing this video. Now I am not so sure but what it was the growl.