Buck Fever Already

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by rackman323, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Well I went out to put out the trail cameras and take down last years stand. When I was done I went to get my permisson slip signed from the landowner and he had these sheds laying outside next to his door. His wife found them laying next to the road in the spring. I didn't see this deer at all last year, and I expect that he will be tough to hunt this year as well. Needless to say this is really got me ready to go. I cannot wait to check the trail cam in a few weeks. It would be nice to get this guy on camera and then back it up with good bow kill.

    I did rough score him. He would gross 160 give or take depending on how big of a spread you give him.

  2. That would have been a great one !!! Good luck hunting him. If you get any pics.of him, please post em. I bet he is a bruiser this year also.

  3. Lewis


    If he is still around,that will be a very nice buck!
  4. That would get my blood flowing too. My buddy and I have done more scouting this summer than we ever have in the past. We have 5 trail cameras between the two of us and have them scattered throughout the 600 acres we hunt. We got a great pic of a huge 11 pt. on August 9th. We have also seen a nice 8 in the fields the past two weekends we were down there. Things look promising for this up coming year. Going to put a lot of time in the woods this fall. I'm going big or bust.
  5. wow, that would def. get me going for sure. i cant wait either, im wanting to get a camera but... it may be a little late.