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Buck down

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by chris1162, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    I have chatted and meet with quite a few people from ogf thru the years. Matt (ml1187) would be one of those fine gentlemen. We have become great friends and shared some memorable hunting and fishing moments together already. Yesterday morning was another great day with a good friend.

    Matt has some beautiful hunting properties around greene county that he is nice enough to take me out too. I have seen some giants in person and on camera here so i know what could come around. This morning was pretty exciting from the get go. I had deer moving pretty quickly once in the stand and still dark. Slightly after the sun has risen i started to finally see some of the deer making all the noise. There was a doe on a fenceline about 70 yards away just staring into a field. I am also watching this field when a big bodied deer startins running across. I then catch a glimpse of the doe he is chasing and see she is going the wrong way. As soon as i notice that she makes a 90 degree turn and starts heading towards me with her lover following right behind grunting the whole way. They start to get closer and closer and i get shakier and shakier. She goes by at 35 Yards and he hits a clearing aswell. I grunt and he freezes so i shoot. The arrow hit higher than i liked so i was extremely nervous as i kept an eye on the giant sprinting towards the field. He jumps the fence and starts to wobble and fall. Once he is down and motionless i started shaking and the excitement set in. I send a text to matt to let him know what happened.[​IMG]

    Once i collected myself and stopped shaking i was able to get down and go see the deer. Matt headed over and we celebrated and began taking some amazing photos. Matt is a talented photography protege of smbhooker and captured this incredible moment quite well. [​IMG]


    I cant express how thankful I am to have experienced such a exciting moment in the woods with a great friend from ogf. Thanks matt
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  2. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

    I've never seen you smile so much in my life !!! Congratulations my friend. That was a tough shot you made- and a quick and ethical harvest is what ultimately matters !
    You helped hang this stand so it's fitting you killed your buck from it. And consider it payback for helping me catch my PB Flatty ! Can't wait for some of those steaks

    I love the big cedar rub in the background of the pics too. Truly memorable morning !
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1510256539.369999.jpg

  3. Congrats. I seen this on Ohio sportsman. Sounds like you had a great time that will never be forgotten.
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  4. This is everything. Way to go guys. Nice buck!
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  5. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

    Hahha yep I frequent both sites ... mostly post fishing over here. Smallmouth are just as important as Bucks... equal opportunities
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  6. I do as well but its walleye and steelhead for my fish of choice.
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  7. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    A wall hanger for sure.
    Congrats on an excellent buck, a special hunt and memories that will last a lifetime.
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  8. Flannel_Carp

    Flannel_Carp The Flan With A Plan

    Congrats again on an absolutely beautiful buck man!
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  9. bobk


    That's it! That's what hunting is all about. Congratulations on a nice buck.
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  10. snag


    Really nice congrats- I like the dark colored forehead..
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  11. skiff


    Congrats, super nice buck for sure!
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  12. 9Left


    nuce buck chris! great job to both of you!
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  13. Well done Chris... this was a well deserved deer. I have never witnessed someone so accomplished in the woods then when we've hung stands and cleared paths - the man was made from a John Deere mold - muscle up 20 foot stands and clearing woods & brush like butter with his machete.

    Made a good shot on a true brute Ohio trophy buck....happy for ya man.

    .....those photos tho!
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  14. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Great buck, great story! What I like even better is how you posed that buck! No tongue hanging out, bloody mess in the bed of the pickup shots!

    You showed that buck off looking as good as he could.
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  15. have to agree with the others. that's a stud of a buck. congrats!!!
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  16. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    Thanks for all the kind word everyone!
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  17. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

    We really worked hard on those pics ! Even brought clorex wipes to clean our hands and the deer from any visible blood ... I think they turned out awesome. Only fair to do justice to such a beautiful animal.
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  18. Too cool guys. That's what the outdoors is all about. Thanks for the awesome story!
  19. Very nice! Right across the road from my old grounds. I don't know how many nice bucks I have seen in that little wood lot over the years! Dynamite little spot - way to get it done!
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  20. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

    Now the cows are gone it's thick as snot