buck down Friday 11/9

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  1. I shot this buck on Friday afternoon around 4:00. I hunted all day Thursday and passed on a young buck that was around 130 inches. I was regretting that decision until I saw a monster Friday morning and then I smoked this guy at about 20 yards that afternoon. It was a great couple of days, I must have seen 15 different bucks. I haven't put a tape measure to him yet, but he's in between 135-145.

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  2. awesome Buck,congrats

  3. Congrats. That's a stud buck right there!
  4. What a beauty!!! CONGRATS!!!
  5. Great looking buck! Congrats on your trophy.
  6. Nice job. Awesome buck, I agree but maybe even bigger than 145
  7. Congrats Man!!!!
    Strong work.. see its good to pass up those little 2nd rackers...
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    Nice deer. It shows what you can get into by letting young ones grow up. Good job.
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    hey BC u had all those nice deer on ur cams earlier in the season. Seenin much now? BTW nice buck!!!
  10. Thanks guys. I didn't kill a buck the previous 2 years due to holding out for a mature deer. It's nice to get that monkey off my back!
  11. That is a great buck! Congrats! What county did you shoot him in?
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    Very nice buck!
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  14. Unless I can't see some large deducts based on the picture, I'd say he will score over 145. Congrats.:)
  15. That monkey is on my back and is becoming a Gorilla. I have seen so many nice mature bucks some that came into range but did not present a shot or they busted me. It also has been 2 years. My wife is getting sick of me not being around on the weekends but she is a good sport about it.
  16. Got the Gross measurement back - 156
  17. Terrific!:) Didn't look like there would be a lot of deducts. What is the net score? Trust you had it mounted(?). Thanks for sharing.
  18. Not sure what he nets. The taxidermist just left a message saying he grossed 156. At least 10 inches bigger than what I guessed him.